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24.05 - Sposalizio del Mare

  1. Sposalizio del Mare
  2. Sposalizio del Mare


On 23rd and 24th May in Cervia there will be the 576. edition of the Sposalizio del Mare - Sea Wedding.

This celebration has been going on in Cervia ever since 1445. A very old and traditional event, it is one of the most beloved in town.

It is a challenge between the young Cervia residents triing to get the "trophy" (a ring thrown from a boat in the water of the arbour of Cervia) bringing good luck and prosperity that has lost none of its importance and atmosphere.

Not to be missed are further events before the ceremony like the "Cursa di Batell", an historical Regatta with historical lugsail boats, shows, exhibitions and street-markets.


Hotel Continental *** IX Traversa a mare N.26
48015 Milano Marittima (RA) - Italy
Tel. 0544 994111

Hotel Sanremo *** VIII Traversa a mare N.21
48015 Milano Marittima (RA) - Italy
Tel. 0544 994164