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Adriatic Golf Club de Cervia Milano Marittima

The  Adriatic Golf Club is entirely managed by the Members, all together  forming a Sporting Association with about 500 members. The main goal is  to promote tourism, combining sporting and social activities. This is  the main reason why the Adratic Golf Club Cervia has been founded


Our  center is considered to be one of the best equipped golf centers in  Italy. The 27 holes course winds through an area of almost 100 hectares  along the old pine-forest and a fascinating seaside. Working together  with an expert such as Baldovino Dassù, the course architects Marco  Croze and Alvise Rossi Fioravanti have designed the first 9 holes in a  typical Scottish link style, the second 9 holes follow the classic North  American models and the last 9 holes have a design that makes this  sport still more pleasant.


At the  Adriatic Golf Club Cervia: whether on the green or approaching the  course or in the bunkers, the mild climate of our Riviera makes it  possible to play almost all the year round. Even during the hottest  month of August the sea breeze refreshes our guests.




Hotel Continental *** IX Traversa a mare N.26
48015 Milano Marittima (RA) - Italy
Tel. 0544 994111 - Fax 0544 993338

Hotel Sanremo *** VIII Traversa a mare N.21
48015 Milano Marittima (RA) - Italy
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