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Foire de Rimini

Fair of Rimini - Rimini Fiera


Rimini Fiera S.p.A, a key player on the Italian and international  trade fair market, is a member of the AEFI Italian Trade Fairs and  Exhibitions Association and E.M.E.C.A. (European Major Exhibition Centre  Association). Founded in the post-war period to support the tourist  trade (the first exhibitions of hotel equipment date back over half a  century), in 2001 it inaugurated a new expo centre that is one of the  most modern and avant-garde in Europe.


In 2002, the Ente Autonomo Fiera di Rimini changed its name and  corporate structure to Rimini Fiera SpA (joint stock Company) and in  2004 opened up its capital to private partners. The majority of the  company capital is now held by public partners (Rimini Provincial  Government, Municipality and Chamber of Commerce with equal shares) and  the remaining 15% held by private partners. Rimini Expo Centre,  inaugurated in 2001 and designed by Hamburg´s Studio GMP, is located at  the north end of the town, occupies a total area of 460,000 square  metres (160,000 of which are landscaped) and has an on-site railway  station on the Milan - Bari line and a helicopter landing site.


The centre is all laid out on one level and entirely cabled; three  separate entrances, linked by shuttle bus, enable several expos or  events to be held simultaneously. It has 169,000 square metres of  useable space, 109,000 of gross expo space, 59,000 square metres of  services, 16 halls all on ground floor level, air-conditioned and able  to be blacked out, 20 modular conference rooms, a business centre, three  press rooms, 2 restaurants, 3 free-flow eateries, 10 food service  points and parking space for 11,000 cars with motorhome facilities.



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